Alzheimer’s: Helping Children Deal

Over 5 million American’s suffer from Alzheimer’s, and dealing with the disease can be difficult for everyone in the family.

Jennifer DuBose of Chicago Parent recommends the following to deal with helping children cope:

– Tell children early on. Kids are intuitive and will know something is up, so don’t leave them to draw their own conclusions.

– Keep it simple. Give your kids the amount of information you think they can handle. As they get older or your loved one’s status worsens, you can explain the condition even more fully.

– Check in on how your kids are feeling and watch for behavioral problems. Enlist the help of other adults in your child’s life to provide support.

– Take care of yourself. You’ll have more to offer your loved one and your children if you get occasional respite.

Posted on Saturday, July 2nd, 2011 :: Filed under Articles.